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Coding Hackathons: -

Workshop Includes:-

Entire software topics (Python and AI, AI-based Robot, ChatGPT, and other coding relevant fields, we welcome your ingenuity.
Prepare yourself to join the League of Coding challenges.

Techradiance Coding Hackathon Championship is an exhilarating competition organized to celebrate
the coding ingenuity and technical prowess of enthusiasts across the nation. This championship
serves as a platform for aspiring coders to showcase their talent, tackle real-world challenges, and
push the boundaries of coding in the digital realm. We believe in nurturing futuristic, creative,
original, and sustainable coding ideas that have the potential to reshape the technological
landscape. If you are ready to be part of the League of Coding Challenges, sign up and let your coding
skills shine on the national stage!
Join us as we embark on this coding journey, where coding knowledge knows no bounds and
hackathon skills reign supreme!

Guidelines to Follow: -

  • The Participating team should consist of 1-5 members, team size should not increase by more than 5 members & register the team for the specified competition online on the official Techradiance website.
  • Participants from same schools/institutions should form a team.
  • Participants in a Team can be from different Batches, Branches, or Years.
  • Prepare a video of 1 minute to 5 minutes (maximum 100MB), showcasing team readiness, creativity, preparing for challenges or anything to show passion to participate in tech radiance National Championship. 
  • Share the video either by email at contact@techradiance.in (via. Google Drive or V transfer) or via WhatsApp at +91-7015568312 mentioning your team’s name and school name. All videos will be uploaded on the Techradiance YouTube channel. The top 10 Maximum views will have special recognition at the tournament.

Eligibility Criteria: -

  • Key Highlights:

    • 200+ students to participate in the Coding Hackathon Challenge.
    • All participants will get a Certificate of Participation from Techradiance in association with Techfest IIT Bombay.
    • Worth INR 100,000 to be awarded to winning teams.

    Topics Acceptable: 

    Python and AI, AI based Robot, ChatGPT and other coding relevant field, we welcome your ingenuity. Prepare yourself to join the League of Coding challenges.

    • Closed Rounds: Participants who secured positions from 1st to 4th and hold Merit Certificates in the Zonal Rounds of Techradiance Championships across India are eligible for registration in the Closed Rounds of the Techradiance Final Round.
    • Open Rounds: Participants with participation certificates from the Zonal Rounds are eligible to compete in the Open Rounds and all enthusiasts and interested individuals are encouraged to register for the Open Round, regardless of prior participation.

    Join us in shaping the future of technology through coding and hackathons. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a brighter, more innovative tomorrow!


    Competition Venue:

    • IIT Bombay, Main Gate Rd, IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

    Entry Fees (For Techradiance Zonal Winners):

    • For Indian Residents: INR 300/- (Inclusive GST) per student.
    • For Non-India Residents: USD 30 per student.

    Registration Fees for Open Round:

    • For Indian residents: INR 550/- (Inclusive GST) per student.
    • For non-India residents: USD 40 per student.

    Registration Mode: Online

    Accommodation: Our Hospitality Partners offer accommodation at highly competitive rates, and we can provide suggestions for your convenience. However, participants are free to make their independent arrangements as they see fit.

Theme: - Day 1 (6th April)

Quiz Competition: -

All participating teams are required to engage in the initial round of the competition, structured as a Quiz format. Each team will be presented with a questionnaire designed to evaluate their knowledge and skills in a specific topic covered during the workshop sessions. 

The winners of this phase will be determined based on the highest number of correct answers provided by each team.


Coding Challenge (Level 1)

Following the Quiz Competition, teams participating in Coding Hackathon Championship are urged to come prepared coding practices on Python, AI, Cybersecurity or similar. Subsequently, In Stage 2, Teams will be presented with a series of hackathon challenges that require creative problem-solving and coding proficiency. Teams will have a specified time frame to collaborate, brainstorm, and implement solutions for each challenge. Evaluation criteria will include code syntaxes, clarity, duration to solve challenge and teamwork. Points or grades will be awarded based on performance in these mentioned criteria.

DAY 2(7th April)-

Final Round: Coding Challenge (Level 2)

Teams scoring highest cumulative score/grades from the Quiz Competition and Stage 2, known as 'Task Completion', will progress to the Final Round. Here, teams will be assigned series of hackathon challenges to accomplish within a specified time frame. The team demonstrating the most efficient completion of the on-spot task with minimal time utilization will be declared the competition winner.

Scoring and Judgment:

Scoring and judgment throughout all stages will be conducted by event coordinators and technical evaluators. Their decisions will determine the final winners at the national level.

Please Note: The judges’ verdict will stand as the ultimate authority in declaring the National-Level Coding Hackathon Challenge Champions.

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Coding is an essential skill in the future because it is an important part of the digital transformation. It is the language of computers and all they do.